Future of Web Design

1.  Is responsive design really the future of web development?


In this article we are talkingabout the different challenges that will face the new generation of web design as:

Advertising is an issue. Ads will have to shift with the sites, something that will wreak havoc with advertisers who want guaranteed placements on sites.

  • Information architecture can be an issue. It needs to be carefully considered and should be hierarchically structured.
  • Loading times. This can be an issue on mobile devices if not taken into consideration beforehand. This is really due bad planning from the developer’s side, but a challenge none the less.
  • Educating the market. Explaining the benefits of responsive web design and justifying the added costs will prove difficult at first.
  • Inconsistent support across devises.

and how and why we should use those new challenges that they are about to face…


2.  The future of web design


While commercial products obey the laws of the market, some of which are influenced by the recirso required to produce those products, the site is defined by users.

If the user wants something, he will get, or create it. To see beyond the limits has the web today, we have to see what is needed today that is what this article is about

The technology commonly develops from the primitive to the complex and then to the simple. The website is developed faster, and more customer-focused than traditional technologies.

Web development is cheaper, more flexible and more importantly: everyone can contribute to its improvement.

In concrete terms: better inter

action design, graphic design less. Better user experience, less discussion about tastes. Technology faster, more reliable design standards.

While a greater number of technological and social trends confirm this movement, there are many counter-moves that keep things interesting.

And develop web designs for generations of newer browsers becomes easier, so there is more freedom and more standardization functional visual web designs.


3.  The future of web design facts and thoughts


The web language is a mode of communication in constant development much easier than it tells us a priori terminology. Some time ago we know the two new reviews of what is the basic language of the World Wide Web, HTML. Specifically, version 5. For those who least know or are not familiar, these acronyms refer to the HyperText Markup

Language, whose development is regulated by the consortium W3W. It is the structure of our house in web design and is an improvement over that big compared to the previous version, HTML4, dating none other than 1999. Since that date had not been revised this programming code, reason why solutions have been looking for Flash.


4. The Future Of The Web: Where Will We Be In Five Years?

93bLpnpltrCLT2-KUw04ykoF-BlMNd7zNdN3L3Hb3hkIn Noupe found this interesting article in English entitled The Future Of The Web: Where Will We Be In Five Years?, We find 15 such predictions will be and web pages here five years. Thus, we find a list with 15 points to consider to prepare for the future web pages. Points are:

Inclusion of micropayments for quality content. These micropayments will be present in online magazines, news services, artists websites, etc..Increased use of horizontal scrolling in web design, because the screens are becoming bigger and with variable resolutions.

  • Magazines Online more interactive format, with the inclusion of Wikis, video and digital audio, own social networks, etc..
  • Collaborative content in real time.
  • More semantic content and best use of them, with new apps to take advantage.
  • Better use of web standards.
  • Augmented reality on mobile web applications.
  • Security enhancements against Phishing Attacks, Scams and Spam.
  • More applications and social networks.
  • Programs highest quality television online.
  • Web applications must play a greater role in daily life.
  • The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) lose importance, since many users will use the recommendations can be found on social networks.
  • Operating Systems online.
  • Customized User Interfaces.
  • The Web will be the center of information and content distribution (more and better use of RSS).


5. Is Web Design (As We Know It) Dying?


Just to kick things off though, let’s set the stage with a few general statements that form the basis for the question “Is Web Design Dying”:

  • Over the last couple years, web design as a trade has been changing… a lot.
  • Fewer sites (like Facebook, Google, and AOL) are controlling larger portions of web traffic.
  • More designers are competing for the same jobs.
  • Templates and themes are becoming common tools where hand-built designs were once the status quo.

I agree with the note .. although the overall design based on the graphic … for a logo of any company without much knowledge many people opt for any vector, cliparring copyright models much less of plagiarism. It is a reality and we must find new ways!



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