WebSites that Inspire me

1. Google


Google is my favorite page because it offers a tremendous amount ofservice and all are free,, such as email (Gmail), calendar that integrates the mail (Calendar), a browser (Chrome), worldwide maps (Google Maps), accommodation weblog (Blogger) and video (YouTube), multi-language translator (Google Translator) and many others that can be seen on their homepage:

2. Illustrator’s Lounge


It is a page of ill

ustrations of different artists and different categories. It is a page that provides styles and concepts that help to enrich the development of a designer, this page gives many references to innovate and appreciate the work of people with more experience.

3. Ctrl+ Paint


This is a page of digital and manually drawing and provides tools to improve and develop techniques of drawing and allows you to go adapting to the new digital age that dropping down to the creation of a drawing is conducted faster and easier way.

4. Designfix


In my view it is one of the most complete design pages because it gives tutorials Photoshop illustrator etc.  it gives examples of web design, logo design and new work by other designers.


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