Tends in Web Design

1. Responsive Design


It should be no surprise that responsive web design is here to stay, so why predict as a trend in 2013? Simple: the design methodology is changing and settling response. For example, early 2012 brought sensitive design idea breakpoints per device. When new devices hit the market, such as the mini iPad, this idea was challenged, leaving us with the idea that the breakpoints should be made when designing crumbles instead.

2. More Typography


Web designers and developers are always focusing on the weight of things such as images and JavaScript when they begin to build their websites. In the last couple of years have seen the first steps in the fabric in a very long time, this combination will inevitably lead the greatest use of typography as the central element in the design of the website. While there are things like @ font-face to bind server sources, some of which are heavily weighted – the weight of the sources used for web site design are often lighter than their counterparts image and scripting .

3. Good Bye Flash

slide-5-638No surprises here in terms of a trend that will move from 2012. It is very clear that Flash is on its last leg. It’s bad for the SEO of a website, man

y mobile devices do not support it (Apple), and is a pain to update (hangs the browser every time. Moreover, other technologies for many out there that can do what Flash does now (ie HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, etc…

4. Use more white space!


Towards the end of 2012 websites are being designed with more blanks. I predict that this trend will continue as we move forward in 2013. Web design sensitive and clean design aesthetics (with the new Myspace on the head) are the two factors. These designs minimalist white space or give an air of seriousness, and do not want your website to look professional and knowledgeable?

5. An exchange in social networks


Look for more integration of social media into their favorite websites

and even new websites. While sharingbuttons at the end of the articles is very old news, I predict that the use of greater integration with social networking websites will explode in 2013.
This includes further expansion of social single sign-on, “tweet payment” or “pay for state,” explore other types of content-based social media website (like Instagram or Pinterest news sites for artists and designers) , and even advertising in social networks.


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