Interesting Articles

1. Personality in Design


A person who never made a mistake never try something new. Being creative is optimistic when he sees a glass of water half empty, prefers to think of it is half full. Instead, the point of view, negative considers the glass half empty. Imagination plays a big role in how we see things. Optimistic people focus on what is good to develop it into something positive. What we call luck is, generally become aware at an opportunity or a new meaning in a situation with an attitude that favors action to achieve “goals. ‘

The personality of the designer should be very open, very flexible … mainly because you need empathy, extroversion as discussed, convinces, experienced and motivated with our ideas or the ideas of a team. We give life to a creative mind to tell stories with spaces, messages with words … The designer must fit in with the personality of the client, with other designers and of course with the personality of the project, so you should empathize and connect with many factors (technical and conceptual).


2.The Web Aesthetic

When I surf the internet for fun just never ceases to amaze me that the professional beauty has lived so long on the sidelines of this powerful tool.
hotwired-1995I find no explanation as to why the media, advertisers, distributors or professionals have taken so long to use it to report, do business and boost the sector. Maybe it was the fear of the unknown, lack of confidence in being really useful, to think that the beauticians do not use the computer, the fear that sell online modify the geographic distribution rules defined areas … And as I believe all market players without exception have long had many fears, this has made us go retarded with respect to the use of Internet as a communication and sales tool that has revolutionized the world. Fortunately, our industry is already on-line and I guess it will go further, since the economic crisis has broken the mold of traditional sales has led to the search for new ideas and new ways to sell and communicate, and are already appearing in our industry interesting electronic initiatives will undoubtedly represents a major advance in our market.


We’ve seen everyone from a brand, a media specialist or a beauty can have Blog, Facebook, Twitter or post videos on YouTube or photos on Flickr. For now, we already have in the sector electronic versions of certain magazines such as this, in which I have the pleasure to express my opinions, (small nod to my editor who treats me very well) and specialized portals, bulletin boards sector classifieds, directories, product exhibition, etc.. They have affordable advertising formulas like banners, buttons, and e-mailings. Also send regular electronic newsletters to users.

Right now more and more interesting, dynamic and useful. On the other hand, brands are relying more on advertise through them because they find that establish interesting contacts with professional beauty “electronic”.



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