Web Standards

The web standards are set by the W3C technologies, used to create and interpret web-based content, so that these documents are always available and accessible to everyone.They are a set of technologies to provide greater benefits to users, ensuring the validity of any document published on the Web.

What are its advantages?


A standards-based web site will show a visual consistency. Through the use of XHTML for content and CSS for appearance, you can quickly transform a site, no matter it is a web page or thousands, making changes in one place.The documents apparently content separate use less code also CSS can achieve effects that previously required the use of Javascript and images, so standards-based sites use less bandwidth and is faster to users, improving dramatically the experience of these.The valid XHTML based documents are most relevant to the search engines, with more information and less code, so a site based on web standards will have a better position.Similarly, the position in directories, edited by humans, it will benefit the site will be more usable.

A standards-based web site is easier to maintain and update, the code is simpler, thus eliminating the dependence on a single developer.

A standards-based web site is more accessible, allowing people with disabilities to use their content.


The use of Web standards and the separation of structure and presentation offers multiple benefits for today and tomorrow.

Today: Access to a wider audience, lower production cost and meet accessibility requirements.

Tomorrow: Reduce maintenance costs and dependence on a software product, flexibility to changes in presentation and an open door to the use of technologies such as XML.


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